Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Gifts 2015

I've gotten many things for Christmas this year! So I want to say a big thanks to all my friends and family for these gifts! :) Merry Christmas to everyone! I'm very thankful for the gifts I got, so I'm not bragging (I know that everyone says that but it's true). I'm going to start off with the gifts from my friends first. :)

This gift is from my friend Sam over at SamanthaVintage! Thank you Sam!! It's a little small shelf that I'm going to keep in my room and put photos, jewelry, and other small things in! :) I love the little drawings you did in the boxes as well (:

The next gift I got was from my friend Bailey! She got me this really pretty scarf, and I'm completely obsessed with it!! I'm definitely going to make an outfit blog post where I feature a couple of scarves including this one. :) (She also did get me Twizzlers but I ate those...) Thank you so much Bailey!

My next gift is from my friend Mary! She got me something incredible!!!! She got me a mug, not only a mug, but a Disney Nightmare Before Christmas mug! I'm sorry those are like two of my favorite things ever! I really love Disney and mugs so this is perfect! Thank you so much Mary!

Rachel over at RemarkableRachel gave me the cutest bag of candy! Here's all the sweets! (And also the cute little note she wrote)

Lastly, my friend Lily gave me this cute little gift! It's a mint scrub for your lips and a lip balm! Two very much needed things for winter since my lips can get very chapped.

I got all of these during school, now I'm moving on to the Christmas day presents!

First I got books.... so... many... books... Here's just many pictures of all the books I have received. (One of the book related things isn't coming until next week so that's obviously not included. Plus I'll be making a blog post where I mention late gifts, and I will be making a blog post also about my late gifts, because I haven't given anyone presents yet)!
I love all her tips and recipes! The pictures in the book are just so beautiful! I'm in love!!! I started reading as soon as I got it, and I fell in love with this book right away. :)
I started reading this already, and I love everything so far! (I did read the first book as well) The first book was so incredible, and I bet the second book will be just as amazing, if not even better!! :)
The art work in Joe's graphic novel are incredible!!! <3
I love every single page in this book! I read every single page on the day I got the book (Christmas day)! I love every single picture and idea! It's soooo amazing, and I totally recommend to all phan girls! (:
I have yet to read, but I'm super excited!!!!
I should really start baking! These recipes look so yummy! Can't wait to bake all the treats as well as cooking meals!
Adult coloring books are super in right now! They are coloring books that help you with stress. I'm so happy I got this forest coloring edition!
I got the Harry Potter series finally! (after missing out in my childhood, I finally can read them!) This set same in a chest with stickers, which I put around the top and on the inside (but I didn't take pictures of the stickers inside), and the whole 7 book series in hardback!

I GOT THE CAMERA I WAS TALKING ABOUT! If you say my blog post called 'An update for the future' you would know that I said I'd be getting a MUCH MUCH MUCH better camera for my photography and blogging. This is going to make such a big difference to my blog and I hope you all are as excited as I am! It's the Nikon D3300 in case anyone was wondering. (And I'm using my phone for this blog post. BYE BYE for now Mr. phone camera). I still need to learn how to work everything, but I've watched a lot of YouTube videos to at least get a head start. Anyway.... here's the camera.
I obviously will still be using my phone for a while, but at one point I will be switching! :) 

Look at this pretty necklace I now have! It's rose gold! Okay, it's supposed to be rose gold. It's just a lot more gold rather than rose. I still love it though!

(I also got a lot of sweets from my parents, but I ate those....) Here's another "THANK YOU" to everyone who gave me something even though they didn't have to. I'm very great full that my friends did this for me! :)

That should be it! Thank you guys for reading! Hope you all enjoyed! Tell me about some of the Christmas gifts you've got! I'd love to know!! :) (This is the longest blog post I have ever written) (AND YES, I DO KNOW THAT IT'S A FEW DAYS AFTER BUT SHHH I DIDN'T HAVE TIME!!)
Merry Christmas and thanks loves xx

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Autumn photos before winter comes

I thought maybe I should post some autumn photos since it's now transitioning into the winter season.

These are just some photo's I've taken recently. I really love the colors in the first two pictures. The last photos makes me feel like Christmas is coming! Hope you like the photos! :) Thanks loves, xx