Monday, February 29, 2016

Something That Feels Right Every Time | WP 9

Name something that feels right every time you do it.

There's not a lot of things that feel right every time I do it. Actually, there may even be no things that feel right in the beginning, during, and end.

I would say something like writing or creating something in general, but it's hard to always have confidence in everything you do. Maybe if I tried to have good intentions it would always work out? Who am I kidding? I mean, who am I kidding besides myself?

I'd like to say words sound right every time I speak, but honestly, I shiver every time I talk to myself.

Maybe, well, maybe, yeah I can't think of anything that feels right every time I do it.

Maybe there is one, or two, or many, but at the moment I can't think of one.

Even though a rough draft sounds perfect, doesn't mean it's your final draft.

Here's a list of some things that are nice every time.
- A big bowl of berries
- Bubble baths
- Traveling to new places
- Petting animals
- Taking a walk
- Going on photography expeditions
- and so on but there's just a few to maybe make this post sound a little happier

(maybe you can leave me some inspiration to things that actually do feel okay down below)

Thanks loves xx

Sunday, February 28, 2016

List five facts about you | WP 8

List five facts about you that people do not know.

1. I'm an INFP. (There will be a blog post about this coming up soon over on threefallenleaves) So, yeah, I'm an INFP that has never meet another INFP, but is dying to find someone like me...

2. One of my favorite smells for candles, are ones that kind of smell like a cologne. Like kind of a wood/ forest sent (if that makes any sense?) For example, yesterday I went shopping with my friend, and we stopped in bath and body works, and I got this candle called Mahogany Teakwood, from a brand that's like White Barn or something. Idk, but it smells AMAZING!

3. My favorite animals are mostly like woodland creatures. Like squirrels, foxes, and deer. (Idk I couldn't really think of any more facts....)

4. I love vintage/ antique looking things. (hence vintagesofi and vintagedaughters) I loooove vintage looking buildings and places and little vintage things.

5. It's actually really hard to come up with just even 5 facts about yourself. Like people know these things about me, but hey, maybe someone learned something new about me???

Feel free to tell me a few things about you!

Thanks loves xx

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Every Morning Wake Up | WP 7

What would you love to wake up to every morning? Explain why. (Examples: bacon frying, ocean waves, a person, etc.)

I'd love to wake up to the fresh Summer's air.
I think it would feel nice.
The soft breeze against your bed sheets.

I'd love to wake up to a big bowl of fruit,
and a giant mug of tea.
Just to get me going for the day.

I'd love to wake up knowing the day would go well,
but who am I kidding.
If that did happen though,
that would be great.

I would love to wake up to someone who I love.
Ok now that sounded cliche.

But honestly I'd love to wake up to an ocean,
on a rainy day,
and having nothing to do.

In my dreams. Right?

What would you like to wake up to every morning?

Sorry literally wrote this in one little go, because I didn't know any other way to put it.... it's bad I know. I'll stop complaining about it.... until in a few years when I look back and go "wtf sophia."

Thanks loves xx

Friday, February 26, 2016

Naturally Poetic | WP 6

Do words come naturally to you?

This is actually not a question from the 500 Writing Prompts book that I picked out, but I thought of this question the other day and started talking about it to Rachel.

I really love this question, I just don't know how to answer it. 

I'd love to say words come naturally to me, easily, and quick, but there are months, sometimes years, where I can't even think of one word to write. Other days I can just spit out words left and right and then it turns out to be something, weither it be super crap, or maybe I'll be able to make something of some simple words.

No, words do not come easily to me. I can't just always make up something on the spot, while other times I can. 

I mean, my mind will take anything anyone says and turn it all into a quote or poem. I listen to people, trying to find quotes, or key words to hopefully make something out of it all. 

Yes, words can come naturally to me. Like you're always thinking of things, and jotting them down can be easier than others sometimes. Also when you're in the creative mood, everything just seems to come at you in the best way possible. 

So, do words come naturally to you?

Thanks loves xx

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Things I Like About The Sun | WP 5

List several things you like about the sun.

I love the way the sun shows natures brightest points. The sun shows that their can be bright times behind dark, covered forests, and how there can be the most sun in the day after a rain storm. The sun makes so many people happy and warm, while making people feel joy as they go out to walk their dogs or drive around town.

I like being able to hang out with friends when it's sunny and we can take walks and talk. The sun makes it able for me to see others so happy because of a bright, yellow sphere in the sky.

I think that the fashion the sun brings makes many people very happy. People are able to wear their sunglasses and also shorts, dresses, skirts, and things that they wouldn't wear any other time of year. 

What things do you like about the sun?

Thanks loves xx

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Moonlight or Sunset? | WP 4

What is more romantic to you: moonlight or sunset? Why?

I think that both a very equally romantic in their own ways.
The sunset has a mixture of beautiful shades.
The moonlight is just a beaming bright light in the middle nights sky.
I love the way they both brighten up a time of day that is meant to be getting dark or already is.
Who said one had to be more romantic or beautiful than the other?
I don't think one is more beautiful than the other, because of the way each of them shine so differently. 
What do you think?

Thanks loves xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's a Rainy Day | WP 3

It's a rainy day? What would make it perfect?

As I bring out my large, heavy mug of tea towards the window seat, I see the rain trickle over the ocean. Soft music plays, my notebook open with the scent of pen drifting through the air from thought provoking ideas, and the new book smells creeps to my nose as flipping the pages sparks new imagines. 

I love rainy days. I love how it's calming, you don't have to leave your house, and it's the perfect time to watch your favorite show or ready your new book.

What things do you like to do on a rainy day? Getting cozy, eating warm foods, and doing something relaxing, or just something I enjoy, are probably the things I like doing. 

Rain is such a pretty thing to take pictures of as well. Like catching all the drops as they fall from windows and ledges. 

Thanks loves xx

(sorry I didn't really know what to say for this one, but I really loved the topic idea so)

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Gift That Keeps on Giving | WP 2

What is the gift that keeps on giving?

Life is a gift, and life keeps on giving many things to everyone. Yes, death does part many things from life, but without life you wouldn't really experience the process/idea of death. (you may think I'm wrong but you don't always have to agree with me). I just think life is a gift that keeps giving to many people. Life brings beautiful nature that we admire (well hopefully we all do. I know that I do, but there's many people who don't).

Thoughts are a gift that keep on giving. Now, I know that not every thought is the best gift, some are quiet terrible, but you are always thinking. Your mind just keeps on giving you these things that you can use as creativity, even if you're not feeling creative, and you are able to take any thought you have and just form it into something great. Take that anger and put it into a piece of art, take those worries and form it into a poem or song, take that happiness and form it into something you would love to create, and I know that all sounds a lot easier and more enjoyable than it may be for some people. 

Lastly, I also think friends are wonderful gifts that keep on giving. If you think about it, you are always meeting new people, losing old friends, but then bringing in the new, better, more worthy friends to you. Friends that you really connect with, friends that will make you laugh, ones that you are able to cry to, and ones that make you feel like you're able to be comfortable around, are the best types of friends you could ask for. I love my friends and they are always bringing me new ideas, thoughts, looks, and so many great things which make me really happy.

In your opinion, what are some gifts that keep on giving? I'd really love to know!

Thanks loves xx

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Describe Something That is Forever | WP 1

Describe Something That is Forever

I like to believe that all ideas exist forever. For example, Shakespeare wrote amazing plays that you still can read and see preformed today. There's just so many people in the past who shared their ideas, and we still talk about them today. Like the idea about something in that past that may bring people to conversation still today.

I like to believe that all ideas exist forever. To me, all of these ideas I've had in the past have affected the future I'm in now. All of the ideas people had centuries before me still exist.

I just like the idea that possibly some ideas I have now my resonate with people for a long time. Probably not forever, but maybe I've made someone think about something really small or something really big that they enjoy thinking about.

Maybe this picture adds an effect to what I'm saying.... probably not...
Hope this was alright for the first writing prompt for the two weeks! Enjoy the rest!
Thanks loves xx

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Writing Prompts for Two Weeks! | WP

About a couple weeks ago, I got this book off of Amazon. I first saw it when I walked into Barnes & Nobles, but as I had to leave right away, I just ordered it online. (Don't think that part really mattered but anyway...) 

The book is called 500 writing prompts. I really enjoy filling out questions randomly. It helps me think of different things in different ways. (It's basically just a giant journal that has writing prompts for you to fill out to create some ideas.)

And then as I was answering some of the questions, I thought.... I could make some of the writing prompts as blog post topics, AND NOW HERE WE GO! For the next two weeks, 21 of February until the 5th of March, there will be a blog post EVERY SINGLE DAY with one of the writing prompt topics as the blog post idea.

BTW feel free to write about some of the same topics I do as well. This is all just to inspire some ideas we all may have for any topic.

Here's the amazon link if you want to get the same book! 500 Writing Prompts
      *They do have versions that are a lot less than 500! They also have different ones like 300 Things to Draw or something like that.*

Each say will say WP1... WP2... WP3... and so on. They all will mean Writing Prompt and then the number that will go up to 14. (Because it makes sense, since it's two weeks and they are all about these writing prompts). 



(lets see if I can actually do this)!!