Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's a Rainy Day | WP 3

It's a rainy day? What would make it perfect?

As I bring out my large, heavy mug of tea towards the window seat, I see the rain trickle over the ocean. Soft music plays, my notebook open with the scent of pen drifting through the air from thought provoking ideas, and the new book smells creeps to my nose as flipping the pages sparks new imagines. 

I love rainy days. I love how it's calming, you don't have to leave your house, and it's the perfect time to watch your favorite show or ready your new book.

What things do you like to do on a rainy day? Getting cozy, eating warm foods, and doing something relaxing, or just something I enjoy, are probably the things I like doing. 

Rain is such a pretty thing to take pictures of as well. Like catching all the drops as they fall from windows and ledges. 

Thanks loves xx

(sorry I didn't really know what to say for this one, but I really loved the topic idea so)

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