Thursday, February 25, 2016

Things I Like About The Sun | WP 5

List several things you like about the sun.

I love the way the sun shows natures brightest points. The sun shows that their can be bright times behind dark, covered forests, and how there can be the most sun in the day after a rain storm. The sun makes so many people happy and warm, while making people feel joy as they go out to walk their dogs or drive around town.

I like being able to hang out with friends when it's sunny and we can take walks and talk. The sun makes it able for me to see others so happy because of a bright, yellow sphere in the sky.

I think that the fashion the sun brings makes many people very happy. People are able to wear their sunglasses and also shorts, dresses, skirts, and things that they wouldn't wear any other time of year. 

What things do you like about the sun?

Thanks loves xx

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