Monday, February 22, 2016

The Gift That Keeps on Giving | WP 2

What is the gift that keeps on giving?

Life is a gift, and life keeps on giving many things to everyone. Yes, death does part many things from life, but without life you wouldn't really experience the process/idea of death. (you may think I'm wrong but you don't always have to agree with me). I just think life is a gift that keeps giving to many people. Life brings beautiful nature that we admire (well hopefully we all do. I know that I do, but there's many people who don't).

Thoughts are a gift that keep on giving. Now, I know that not every thought is the best gift, some are quiet terrible, but you are always thinking. Your mind just keeps on giving you these things that you can use as creativity, even if you're not feeling creative, and you are able to take any thought you have and just form it into something great. Take that anger and put it into a piece of art, take those worries and form it into a poem or song, take that happiness and form it into something you would love to create, and I know that all sounds a lot easier and more enjoyable than it may be for some people. 

Lastly, I also think friends are wonderful gifts that keep on giving. If you think about it, you are always meeting new people, losing old friends, but then bringing in the new, better, more worthy friends to you. Friends that you really connect with, friends that will make you laugh, ones that you are able to cry to, and ones that make you feel like you're able to be comfortable around, are the best types of friends you could ask for. I love my friends and they are always bringing me new ideas, thoughts, looks, and so many great things which make me really happy.

In your opinion, what are some gifts that keep on giving? I'd really love to know!

Thanks loves xx

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