Sunday, February 28, 2016

List five facts about you | WP 8

List five facts about you that people do not know.

1. I'm an INFP. (There will be a blog post about this coming up soon over on threefallenleaves) So, yeah, I'm an INFP that has never meet another INFP, but is dying to find someone like me...

2. One of my favorite smells for candles, are ones that kind of smell like a cologne. Like kind of a wood/ forest sent (if that makes any sense?) For example, yesterday I went shopping with my friend, and we stopped in bath and body works, and I got this candle called Mahogany Teakwood, from a brand that's like White Barn or something. Idk, but it smells AMAZING!

3. My favorite animals are mostly like woodland creatures. Like squirrels, foxes, and deer. (Idk I couldn't really think of any more facts....)

4. I love vintage/ antique looking things. (hence vintagesofi and vintagedaughters) I loooove vintage looking buildings and places and little vintage things.

5. It's actually really hard to come up with just even 5 facts about yourself. Like people know these things about me, but hey, maybe someone learned something new about me???

Feel free to tell me a few things about you!

Thanks loves xx

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