Monday, January 25, 2016

Pictures of the Snow

It actually snowed for 24 hours straight! There's actually soooo much now that if I stood in some of the snow piles, it would go up to my waist (and I'm 5' 3")! It was really fun seeing it snow so much, because during Christmas it was soo warm, so it's almost like Christmas, but a month later. 
Also, my dogs were adopted from a place that never has snow, it's always just sunny and warm, so my dogs actually saw snow for the first time! It was soooo cute! My one dog, Sam who's 11 I think, was scared at first but didn't mind adventuring. Tom, my other golden retriever who's going to be 10 soon, was very scared about going into the snow! It was just adorable, because they didn't really understand what snow was.We actually had to clear a path in our yard just so they could go outside!
Since it was snowing yesterday, I didn't want to go out, but I did today because of the sun. So here's the pictures I took all day! Hope you enjoy :)
Thanks loves xx

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lake With Rachel

On New Years day, Rachel and I went to a lake to take so many amazing pictures! These are some of the pictures I took, but if you want to see Rachel's click here, here, and here for her blogs! I hope you enjoy these pictures! 

I'm sorry that this is SUPER long, but in hopes that you like my first time posting my real photography, I hope you think it's alright! :)
Thanks loves xx