Saturday, February 20, 2016

Writing Prompts for Two Weeks! | WP

About a couple weeks ago, I got this book off of Amazon. I first saw it when I walked into Barnes & Nobles, but as I had to leave right away, I just ordered it online. (Don't think that part really mattered but anyway...) 

The book is called 500 writing prompts. I really enjoy filling out questions randomly. It helps me think of different things in different ways. (It's basically just a giant journal that has writing prompts for you to fill out to create some ideas.)

And then as I was answering some of the questions, I thought.... I could make some of the writing prompts as blog post topics, AND NOW HERE WE GO! For the next two weeks, 21 of February until the 5th of March, there will be a blog post EVERY SINGLE DAY with one of the writing prompt topics as the blog post idea.

BTW feel free to write about some of the same topics I do as well. This is all just to inspire some ideas we all may have for any topic.

Here's the amazon link if you want to get the same book! 500 Writing Prompts
      *They do have versions that are a lot less than 500! They also have different ones like 300 Things to Draw or something like that.*

Each say will say WP1... WP2... WP3... and so on. They all will mean Writing Prompt and then the number that will go up to 14. (Because it makes sense, since it's two weeks and they are all about these writing prompts). 



(lets see if I can actually do this)!!

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