Monday, July 4, 2016

Shopping Haul

Last week, I went shopping, and I've got to say... I just love shopping. I know it's not good to waste your money on a ton of clothes and such, but I just love going out and doing things like planning outfit ideas or smelling all the new candles they stock.

Last week, I went to the mall with Rachel. Then that weekend I went to Target with my dad... (I LOVE Target).

And these are just some items I bought! I really enjoy watching YouTubers and bloggers talk about things they have just bought, so I thought maybe I should try it as well! Enjoy! :)

Firstly, Rachel and I headed off to Hot Topic! I have to say that I'm slightly obsessed with Hot Topic. Everything there is just so nice! They have got everything to full those geeky needs.
I've always been obsessed with Green Day
I'm loving the look of chokers right now!
The guy at the counter told me "you can never have too many Disney shirts"... I was wearing a Disney shirt when that happened
Then we headed off to Forever 21. I'm OBSESSED with Forever 21! Everything in that store is absolutely perfect! (I just wish the whole store was like my closet because I love their clothes a lot).

Bath and Body works has the best candles in the world, and they had the most amazing deals last week! They were having their semi-annual sale (which I don't know if it's actually going on anymore), but they had this bins that were full of items 70% off and candles were half off and omg it was great!
BTW these candles smell AMAZING
This scent is probably one of my top favorites from B&BW (Mahogany Teakwood)
H&M is one of the best shops (as well as these other shops I'm mentioning)! I have a lot of items from H&M, and I just wish that I owned the whole store. (I'm a bit of a freak, I know). Recently, 90's kind of looking clothes has been a trend for a while now, AND I LOVE IT! I'm obsessed with the 90's... just ask anyone I know.

Lastly, I headed off to Target. I know I say this about every store, but I love Target. Everything's a good price, and Target is just such a great place in general. (Hopefully some of you guys think the same, so I don't seem that weird).
Now, when I was in Target, I completely forgot to check out the books they sell. (I hate myself for this too). I was just spending too much time in the makeup and notebooks/pens sections that it slipped my mind, and I didn't realized till I got home.
I'm trying to start switching some of my products for some cruelty free options! (Although I still keep buying the non-cruelty free ones... ugh I hate it too...I've been taking baby steps though to having a lot more cruelty free options)
 Gotta have your makeup and makeup remover haha... it's true though
Only slightly, very obsessed with notebooks
These are SUPER nice pens for cheap!
Thank you all for checking out this rather super long blog post! I'm so sorry that I've been absent for many months. It was the end of the school year, and I was just working on so many things. I was going to get this blog post up earlier but my computer wasn't cooperating, and everything was a mess for a while. The computer I have is SUPER slow, and to be frank, I'm just kind of done with it. So hopefully on my birthday I'll be able to pick out a shiny new one (wow I sound weird please help me).

BTW! Thank you all for 900 page views on this blog!! I was so happy to find out :)

Thanks loves xx :)

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