Friday, March 4, 2016

Nature is Beautiful to me | WP 13

What is the most beautiful part of nature to you?

Everything in nature is so beautiful.
The animals, the plants, the people, the air, and nature is such a beautiful things.
People are still destroying every last bit of it though.
Nature is so pretty with it's trees in the fall, animals in different colors, sizes, personalities, flowers bloom in so many pretty colors.

Everything about nature is beautiful, if you choose to believe it's there. :)

Sorry this one's short!

BTW, thank you so so much for 650 reads on this blog (and I think now it's like 660)! (and I also reached 650 on my shared blog with Sam). Thank you so much <3

Thanks loves xx

(who knows, maybe one day I'll look back on these an be inspired to create something more out if it)

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