Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Emotions to not Feel | WP 10

Name an emotion you wish you could no longer feel. Why?

I don't really know what emotion I wish I could no longer feel.

Like of course I wish I could no longer be continuously anxious or sad. I wish I didn't feel hatred towards myself or others, but I feel like those things make me like human in a way. Like, all these feelings we feel are primal instincts, so if I were to get rid of one, I wouldn't

Don't get me wrong, I hate that I get easily paranoid, and I hate the feeling of being down, but I also think that if I said "I don't want to feel sadness," then I wouldn't exactly know what happiness would feel like. (that sounds kind of sad but here's my point).

I think that if you stop feeling one emotion, the way you feel your other emotions would change. Like I said before, if you stop feeling sadness, the way you feel happiness would change.

Simply because I think you wouldn't have the moments of change of emotions to realize the emotion in certain events.

I don't know if what I'm saying is logical or insane, but anyway...

Thanks loves xx

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